All infertility patients who are above the 5 years of infertility after marriage and there is no male factor. And women’s above 30 years are the female patients who definitely requires laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to diagnose.
Gives idea about tubal patency, uterus size and anatomy, ovarian structure and size also endometriosis can be diagnosed and done treatment simultaneously, adhesions are removed.

So as to make whole architecture or anatomy of the female pelvic genital organ is reconstructed in these kinds of diseases. This is also called as FERTILITY ENHANCING LAPROSCOPIC SURGERY.

This is also helpful for patients who are to be subjected for IVF- ET or ICSI treatments.

To visualise inside the uterus. Diagnosis and treatment can be done.

To visualise inside the abdomen and to diagnose and treat inside the abdomen near uterus.