1. Pap Smear :

This is the most common cancer detection test for most common cancer of women’s, done to detect cancer cervix or cancer body of uterus. This is usually done for the females who are in high risk group, and for other females also .as a preventive aspect of these cancers in women’s it usually started as early as 30 years of age. And should be done at least once years to catch the lesion early along with colposcopy.

2. Mamography :

Dr. Vinita Gorhe teaches every ladies who is interested in knowing the self-breast examination. Ladies who are having suspicious lesions are subjected for FNAC and mammography.

3. Endometrial Biopsy :

Females who are having post-menopausal bleeding or severe menstrual bleeding that is menorrhagia are subjected to dilation and curettage as a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

4. Ovarian Cancers :

Females who are having family history of ovarian cancers are screened for these diseases .by physical examination, high resolution colour Doppler sonography, various tumour markers. CA 125 and others.

5. We After Detecting Cancer At Earliest :

Have dedicated team Dr. Vikas Gorhe , General surgeon , Oncosuregon, Uro surgeon and oncologist for chemotherapy and radiotherapy work together to give best possible treatment in very early stages of cancers . So as to have high life expectancy.