Ultra sonography plays very major role in the field of pregnancy management and gynaecology and while giving treatment to infertile couple.

IN our field it can be performed by

  1. Transvaginal route

    2. Abdominal route

Depending on indication for which sonography is performed gynaecologist decides which route is better.

Test is a diagnostic technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the organs and structures of the body. In pregnancy it can be done in various stages of pregnancy. Usually in three trimester at least three sonography are indicated to diagnose various parameters and wellbeing ness of foetus.

We conduct the following types of Ultrasound tests:

  • Abdominal
    • Breast
    • Early obstetrical – Nuchal translucency (early Down’s Syndrome screening)
    • General ultrasonography
    • Obstetrical
    • Pelvic (trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal)
    • Surface ultrasound

Colour Doppler

Sonography can be enhanced with Doppler measurements, which employ the Doppler. Effect to assess whether structures (usually blood) are moving towards or away from the probe. It is usually needed in various conditions of high risk pregnancy. Severe pregnancy hypertension. So as to diagnose intra uterine growth retardation.Umbilicalartery. Uterine artery blood flow. So the intra uterine wellbeing nessof foetus is assessed and time of delivery can be determined. These services of high resolution sonography and colour Doppler available in house at our centre. Dr. Vikas Gorhe himself is trained for sonography and obstetrics colour Doppler.